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Are you ready to take your telesales skills to the next level? Do you want to close more deals, increase your revenue, and become a top-performing sales professional? Look no further! Our expert telesales coaches are here to guide you every step of the way.





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    Improve your Telesales

    Key Support Areas

    Just some of the key Telesales coaching support areas we help sales people with.

    Sales Script

    Need support when it comes to creating a sales script / guide then our coaching session can help.

    The Gatekeeper

    Our tips and advice will help you get through to the decision maker faster and easier.

    Rapport Building

    Learn how to effectively build rapport on a sales call with our training and support.

    Objection Handling

    Overcome those difficult objections with objection handling strategies.


    Meet Your Coach

    One of the UK's Leading Telesales experts

    Pierre Coombes

    About Pierre Coombes

    Pierre Coombes is a renowned telesales expert and a highly sought-after coach at Telesalescoaching.co.uk. With an extensive background in the field of telesales, Pierre brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help individuals and businesses excel in their sales endeavors.

    Pierre Coombes is a valuable asset to sales professionals looking to elevate their performance and achieve exceptional results. His proven track record, combined with his passion for teaching and mentorship, make him the go-to expert for anyone seeking to master the art of telesales and thrive in the competitive sales landscape.

    Telesales Coaching Client Testimonials

    What our Clients say

    What people say really matters, here is some feedback from our amazing clients.

    Pierre was a great help, he gave me my confidence by writing us an excellent script. Even after the script is issued he is still around anytime to help me with any questions or queries I have.

    Danielle Partridge
    Sales Manager - Sasola

    I wanted to thank you for all your help. The sales training that you offered was brilliant, I learnt so much and will be putting into practice. You provided great insight into how i could improve my pitching and selling skills I look forward to implementing your words of wisdom

    Alliah Raqoob
    Business Consultant - Stride

    Pierre is excellent.He clearly has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. I look forward to working with him again, highly recommended!

    Aaron Nassiri
    Director - Leap Finance